Starting Afresh

"Starting Afresh" is a spiritual-stimulus with a business undertone that'll help you take your place in the scheme of things in this present world. Get prepped, get energized, get electrified, get enlivened by this masterpiece written by #Dr Patrick Oriyomi—Author, Real Estate Expert, Businessman and Philanthropist.

If there was no "fire" to start something you can call your own before now, the thoughts in the book "Starting Afresh" by Dr Patrick Oriyomi will cause even the most latent, dormant, quiescent, and concealed ideas to become ignited! For the one who’s already afire, it'll add some more fuel…it'll intensify the combustion! One thing is certain: before you get to the final chapter of this book, you'd have become more vibrant in your approach to starting something you can call your own! This book will create in you the drive, momentum, inspiration, and steam to walk away from even the most toxic work environment, and create a life you’ve always desired—a business you can call your own!

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