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Patrick Oriyomi (born 31 August 1982) is a real estate investor and developer, businessman and philanthropist, who is the founder and CEO of Photizo properties Limited, a real estate and property investment company in Nigeria.

Patrick is a native of Epe, Lagos, a town and Local Government Area (LGA) in Lagos State, Nigeria located on the north side of the Lekki Lagoon. Patrick was born and raised in Lagos State

He attended St. Peters African Church School, Oke Aro, for his primary school education and proceeded to Ebenezer Comprehensive high school, both in Lagos State for his secondary education. Patrick thereafter proceeded to the Universal College of Technology, Ile Ife (now known as The Polytechnic, Ile-Ife) where he received a Higher National Diploma certificate in Accounting. He holds a Doctorate (Hon. Causa) in Real Estate And Human Capacity Development from the Global Socio-Economic And Financial Evolution Network (GSFEN).

Patrick started his career in 2008 as the Finance Manager with the Mission Support Network Centre where he headed the Cost Control Unit of the Finance Department. While there, he kept tending his drive for entrepreneurship and real estate investment, reading over 70 books on a course of personal development. His favourites, “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, and “The Millionaire Real Estate Investor” by Gary W. Keller, changed his perspective on what real estate entails. Patrick then proceeded to launch his own business from scratch, Photizo properties Limited —a real estate firm in Lekki, a high brow area in Lagos—in 2018. Patrick was able to identify over-taxation, weak regulation, and quackery among major inhibitors to the nation’s housing development.

Patrick lives in Lagos, south-western Nigeria, with his wife and daughter. Outside the professional atmosphere, he enjoys public or motivational speaking, inspiring Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the real estate sector to further improve their skills and ideas to grow Nigeria’s real estate sector. He’s also noted for some philanthropical works. Patrick is known for the objective of his firm to find the solution to the challenges confronting the housing sub-sector of the Nigerian.


Finance Manager

Mission Support Network Centre

Served for 10yrs as the finance manager at mission support network where he headed the cost control unit of the finance department saving the organization over 200million constructive cost controlling technics among many other achievements.

Founder, MD/CEO

Photizo Properties Limited

Patrick Oriyomi is a real estate inventor, developer and the founder of Photizo Properties Limited in Lagos, Nigeria. He is young, energetic and passionate about helping both old and young to amass wealth in life through constant educational and motivational channels of empowerment.

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