Patrick Oriyomi

A real estate investor and developer, businessman and philanthropist; the founder and CEO of Photizo properties Limited, a real estate and property investment company in Nigeria.

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Welcome to the World of Passion, Pursuit, & Possibilities.

What does it take to go from nothing to everything you dreamt of; from a fresh start to a great ending; from new company to great achievements; from potential to actual results?

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Patrick Oriyomi

Real Estate Expert, Businessman, Success Coach, Author, Speaker and Philanthropist. 

He attended the Universal College of Technology. Ile-Ife (now known as The Polytechnic, Ile-Ife) where he obtained a Higher National Diploma in Accounting. He holds a Doctorate (Hon. Causa) in Real Estate and Human Capacity Development from the Global Socio-Economic and Financial Evolution Network (GSFEN).

Best selling book

Starting Afresh

God's Principle for All Aspiring Entrepreneurs

“Starting Afresh” is a spiritual-stimulus with a business undertone that’ll help you take your place in the scheme of things in this present world. Get prepped, get energized, get electrified, get enlivened by this masterpiece written by #Dr Patrick Oriyomi—Author, Real Estate Expert, Businessman and Philanthropist.

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Patrick Oroyomi